Sample Packages

How We Can Help

  • – Thermoform and coldform blister samples
  • – Sample cards
  • – Small scale or large scale runs
  • – Finished filled blister with provided samples
  • – Lot/Exp and general printing capabilities
Our blister sample service offers unparalleled flexibility and customization. Trust us to deliver reliable and high-quality blister samples for your packaging needs.

Made with Precision and Flexibility In Mind

At HPT Pharma we understand the importance of meeting the unique packaging needs of our customers. That’s why we offer both thermoform and coldform blister samples, manufactured to the customer’s specifications. Our sample cards can be produced to match specific dimensions, whether as strips of a specified length or to match the final production size card dimension. This flexibility allows for precise customization to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

Whether it’s a small-scale or large-scale run, we have the capacity to handle any production needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and we take pride in meeting tight deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Additionally, we can provide finished, product-filled blister samples using the customer’s own products, giving them a clear idea of how their product will look and function in the final packaging.

Our in-house tooling manufacturing sets us apart from the competition. It allows us to make quick changes to sample specifications in case modifications are required or requested by the customer. This level of flexibility ensures that we can meet any last-minute changes to the customer’s requirements.

We offer lot/exp and general printing capabilities on samples to meet branding and identification requirements. Our team understands the importance of effective branding and identification and will work with the customer to ensure that their branding is consistent throughout the packaging process.