HPT Pharma Seals the Deal for a Clinical Packager

“We would not have been able to reach this stage [the ability to properly package and seal clinical batches of product] without help from the HPT Pharma team. They will be working on an additional die for another product, and we look forward to that partnership.” said the client.

The Challenge

A New Jersey- based prospect came to HPT for help with building form-fill-seal machine tooling. The product required multiple sealing surfaces, which needed a unique tooling manufacturing method to suit the seal design. Specifically, with three concentric sealing faces, the die itself needed varying heights for the center of each circle. The client had also purchased a large quantity of preprinted material and was struggling with registration. There was concern that the registration problem would continue until the material supply ran out, thus creating an expensive repurchase scenario. The company had struggled for more than a year with the sealing die issue while working with an HPT Pharma competitor. An industry colleague recommended they contact us.

The Solution

HPT Pharma’s team modified the client’s machine to compensate for a truncated filling area. We also designed a tool to improve registration. The client’s material had to be aligned differently than it was designed, and the solution required tools that could account for that difference. Our team had the modified tooling delivered within four weeks, resolving the issue.

The Benefits

According to the client, HPT Pharma’s direct experience with one of the product manufacturers provided in-depth awareness of the machine. Also, HPT Pharma’s solution reduced the amount of waste coming out of the packaging process, creating a more sustainable packaging program.

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