HPT Pharma Adapts to Product Personalization: The Design of Tooling Adapters

“HPT Pharma brought the necessary engineering and product development capabilities,” said the client’s director of procurement. “Maybe more importantly, they delivered value through personalized service, responsiveness, and quick turnaround at a reasonable price.”

The Challenge

A pharmaceutical packaging supplier approached HPT Pharma with a production-related obstacle. The company provides large “blister cards” designed to package and provide 30-day medication supplies. These cards are patient-specific, developed to ensure prescription compliance for individuals in long-term care situations. The client needed to increase throughput and capacity. Their additional blister packaging machine was a different model and size than their primary equipment. Each of the company 30 SKUs required its own tooling, so the second machine online was prohibitively expensive. The existing vendors they approached were unable to respond quickly or cost effectively.

The Solution

HPT Pharma worked alongside the client’s engineers to resolve the situation and recommend solutions. In the end, our team developed an engineering solution. The company’s engineers designed tooling adapters for each machine station. In that way, the SKU-dependent tooling would be interchangeable between the new and existing machines.

The Benefits

With the non-SKU-dependent tooling and the adapters delivered, the client effectively doubled its manufacturing capacity. Moreover, HPT Pharma’s solution resulted in significant savings and increased machine efficiency. The solutions were manufactured and developed on a timely basis and at a reasonable price.

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