HPT Pharma and Creative Compliance

“They didn’t just hand us something that could be easily duplicated by someone else—this is unique. They helped us optimize that locking feature, improved the fit, and succeeded where the OEM could not. The HPT solution worked perfectly.” said the client.

The Challenge

A major pharmaceutical contract packager and longtime HPT client was approached by an end user that hoped to implement a new “compliance pack.” This new type of blister pack’s 30-day package prevented incorrect dosages by making it easy to see if a given day’s dosage had been taken. The carton had been designed first, and during the blister design phase, the client realized it had to be slightly bigger to prevent leakage between cavities. What’s more, the company had already made significant equipment investments. They were urgent to secure a solution that would not jeopardize those investments, so they had to develop a blister that would work with the existing carton. The company contacted the OEM of the blister machinery to discuss blister modifications, but the OEM was reluctant to help them operate outside of their standards.

The Solution

“HPT Pharma began with a drawing of the carton to see how the carton and blister could function as one,” said the company’s operations/engineering manager.

Next, HPT created a blister that would fit within that workable area and guarantee compatibility with the applicable areas, depths, and other dimensions. By varying pitches and angles, they came up with a cavity layout that could accept the 30 doses.

“HPT’s suggested change enabled the blister to travel in and out of the carton more smoothly. As soon as we tried their sample, we knew it had to be that way.” said the company’s operations/engineering manager.

The Benefits

HPT Pharma’s client was able to meet their end-user’s launch deadline without the need of equipment redesign or to purchase new equipment. More importantly, the operations/engineering manager informed us that his company achieved an F=1 rating—the highest possible with a compliance package—and they did it without adding any cost. He went on to say that because HPT Pharma was able to work within the predefined boundaries, none of the time or money invested in validating the package went to waste.

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