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A Leading Blister Tooling Aftermarket Supplier for 20+ Years

HPT Pharma has been a leading aftermarket supplier of blister tooling for over 20 years. We support a variety of industries and customers who are looking to blister package tablets, caplets, capsules and soft gels. These industries include, but are not limited to, Clinical Trials, Branded Rx, Branded OTC, Generics OTC, and Nutraceuticals.

At HPT Pharma, all we do is tooling. Unlike the machine manufacturers, we will never try to upsell you new equipment. It is in everyone’s best interest to maximize the capacity of your current machine. We do this through careful package design combined with extensive experience in a variety of machine models. We employ a seasoned workforce, most of whom have been with us for decades.

In-House 3D Modeling and CNC for Precise Tooling and Inspection

All tooling is engineered in house using the latest 3D modeling software from Solidworks. This allows the engineering team to ensure the designs are compatible with your equipment and product before the first piece of metal is ever cut. These 3D models are directly imported into one of our 9 CNC machines using integrated CAM software. This vastly reduces input error from drawing translation.

The heart of our team lies in the experienced Tool and Die makers that assemble and fit these custom parts together. Each custom die or tooling component is assembled and tested before shipping. Combined with our dedicated Quality Department, who performs a 100% component level inspection, we have full confidence your tools will fit right and work right, the first time.

Blister Format Tooling

  • – Preheat Plates
  • – Forming Tools – Thermoform (Blowform & Plug Assist) & Cold-form
  • – Guide Tracks/Rails – Dedicated & universal
  • – Seal Tools – Platen & Rotary, coarse/fine/reverse knurls
  • – Perforation & Scoring Dies – Standard, peel/push, & peel back
  • – Punch Dies
  • – Indexing Tools and Blister Transfer Parts

With years of experience, HPT designs blister package tooling for various equipment manufacturers including:

  • – Blipack
  • – CAM
  • – Hoonga
  • – IMA
  • – Klöckner/Mediseal
  • – MAC
  • – MHI
  • – Noack
  • – Pentapack
  • – PharmaWorks
  • – Rohrer
  • – Tommy Nielsen
  • – Uhlmann
    and more.

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