HPT Pharma’s Development of a Liquid Fill Blister

“HPT Pharma prides itself on working with customers to truly understand their challenges and craft innovative solutions that provide better operational performance and competitiveness,” said HPT Pharma President JM Hasson. “In that way, both parties thrive in the long run.”

The Challenge

A prospect came to HPT Pharma seeking a blister packet meant to hold liquid medication. The company had previously invested a significant amount of money into the resources meant to fix this problem. However, the product simply did not work, even after they had identified a supplier to provide the packages for this project.

The excess heat that was needed to create a good seal was weakening the material. The root cause could have been a matter of equipment, tooling, materials, or another factor. Yet, nobody was able to find a solution.

The Solution

HPT Pharma’s initial testing showed that the cavity design and tooling results were inconsistent. We made material recommendations and developed a new cavity design and form tool that incorporated the film shrink characteristics. When given the choice whether to rebuild or refurbish the tooling, HPT Pharma’s technical experts developed a solution that met both the engineering and economic issues at hand, keeping in mind the client’s financial concerns.

The Benefits

HPT Pharma completed a tooling rework that was both on time and within budget. However, the most important benefit was the newfound respect that had developed between the client and HPT Pharma.

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