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Blister Training


Where can you go to learn the intricacies and nuances of blister packaging?  There is no college course or established program that can be attended.  It simply does not exist.  For years, there has been a loosely gathered collection of best practices guarded by the veterans of the industry.  At HPT Pharma, we feel an educated customer is our best customer, and to that end we established our own internal training program, Blister University™.

As a value-added service, HPT Pharma offers Blister University™ training to customers at our facility in suburban Philadelphia. The training combines classroom teaching with hands-on instruction using our blister machine.  This program is well suited for a variety of employees with different experience levels.

Who Should Attend:

  • Packaging Engineers
  • Blister Line Mechanics
  • Operations personnel
  • Purchasing personnel
  • Anyone looking to learn more about blister packaging

We’ll take you along on a journey of a typical project at HPT Pharma.  We will start with the web layout, including cavity design (cold form and thermoform), child resistant opening features, blister packaging materials, optimizing output for your equipment, optimizing design for existing inventory.  Then on to tooling design, where we will discuss each machine station and key attributes for successful tooling for each.  All this in an effort to assist trainees in troubleshooting issues with their current equipment and tooling.

The hands-on portion of the Blister University™ training provides individuals the opportunity to set-up a machine and create packages. During the instruction, variables like temperature, pressure and speed will be changed to observe impact on the package.

Training typically lasts a full day and lunch is included.

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