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Product Feeding Solutions

feeder cassette

The most important part of any blistering operation is the feeding area.  This is typically the part of the packaging line that controls the speed of operation, and ultimately output and efficiency.  Let our experienced engineering staff work with you to determine the best feeding solution for your product.  Factors to consider when choosing which feeding solution is right for you:

  • Product Type (Caplets, Capsules, Tablets, Softgels)
  • Product Shape (Round, Oblong, Ellipse)
  • Product Characteristics (friability, dustiness, coating)
  • Speed requirements
  • Staffing requirements
  • Production Volume
  • Multi-fill Requirements (more than one product in a single blister)

HPT Pharma provides a variety of solid dose feeding solutions. Advanced solid modeling design tools, modern equipment, and our dedicated team – including a full-service engineering staff, technicians, and machinists – bring industry experience and proven techniques to meet the most challenging feeding solutions.

bulk product feederHPT Pharma offers the following  feeding solutions:

  • Manual Feed Trays
  • Bulk Product Vibratory Feeders
  • Brush Box (Universal)
  • Dedicated Feeder Cassettes – Aylward, Simtap, Sypro
  • Multi-fill Applications



All dedicated feeder cassettes receive pre-shipment Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) with our in-house testing equipment.  We use a combination of advanced 3D modeling techniques with state-of-the-art 3D printed components to test and prototype the most integral parts of each feeder.  This is a progressive process that requires testing to be passed before proceeding to the next step.  This eliminates unnecessary feeder rework that could result in shipment delays to our customers.  If formed web material is available, we can run a complete FAT on our indexing test stand.  Our proprietary HPT feeder test stand is laser-controlled and includes a smooth indexing servo to simulate machine operating conditions.  We recover product easily to allow extended testing periods.

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