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Automotion Technologies

HPT Pharma - Automotion Technologies - MODEL SJF-4PFH

HPT’s Automotion Technologies brand of print & apply label applicators are designed to automatically print and wrap a unique label around a bottle or vial and then deliver it on command into a “puck” positioned on a moving belt. It is most commonly used to generate a prescription labeled bottle or vial in a high volume mail order or central fill pharmacy distribution center.


  • Designed to meet requirements for any mail order pharmacy or central fill distribution center.
  • Containers fill and label up to 30 bottles per minute.
  • System can handle a wide range of bottle/vial types and sizes.
  • Pre-engineered system with plug and play installation.
  • Can be used with any conveyor height.

Please visit the Automotion Technologies website for more information. www.atinc77.com