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HPT Pharma - Automotion Technologies - MODEL SJF-4PFH

Since 2013, HPT Pharma has manufactured the Automotion Technologies brand of equipment.  While maintaining our overarching focus on packaging, we have diversified from solely supporting blister packaging to include bottling lines.  Automotion has been an industry leading name for over 20 years, specializing in the mail order pharmacy industry.  As maintenance drugs become more prescribed and people look for easier and more cost effective ways to receive their prescriptions, the industry is poised for growth.  With this well established line, HPT Pharma ensures that this equipment will not only remain available, but will be improved and redesigned for future applications in an effort to increase speed and reduce downtime.

HPT’s Automotion Technologies brand of print & apply label applicators are designed to automatically print and wrap a unique label around a bottle or vial and then deliver it on command into a “puck” positioned on a moving belt. It is most commonly used to generate a prescription labeled bottle or vial in a high-volume mail order or central fill pharmacy distribution center.


  • Designed to meet requirements for any mail order pharmacy or central fill distribution center.
  • Containers fill and label up to 30 bottles per minute.
  • System can handle a wide range of bottle/vial types and sizes.
  • Pre-engineered system with plug and play installation.
  • Can be used with any conveyor height.

Please visit the Automotion Technologies website for more information. www.atinc77.com

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