HPT Engineers Improved Results for Cutting-Edge Packaging Client

When a regional consumer product developer encountered a packaging-related obstacle, a colleague referred Kevin—the company’s President—to HPT Pharma (HPT). Through interaction with JM Hasson, HPT’s President, he was able to successfully resolve his unique packaging challenge…

“JM took on my project personally. After picking the tool up himself, he completely reworked it—on time and within budget—and delivered a true turnkey solution.”

Initial testing shows that efficiency is on target and will meet the client’s goals, but the sense of respect that developed between the two organizations was immediate.

“I had a great experience based on a verbal handshake,” Kevin says, summing up the process. “JM understood the sense of urgency, and he ran with it. I think working directly with the owner was a huge help in this case. He is a man of his word. I haven’t had that kind of service or commitment from many other suppliers.”


HPT Registers a Win for Pharmaceutical Packaging Client

After a yearlong struggle with sealing die alignment and registration on his form-fill-seal machine—including a false start with an HPT competitor—a New Jersey-based prospect was referred to HPT.

“They began by modifying my machine,” says Kirti, the company’s president. “Because we had a truncated filling area, everything got smaller, and that had to be compensated for. In addition to the modification, we also needed an adjustable tool to improve registration.”

In the end, HPT delivered the modified tooling within four weeks, and the issue was resolved.

“We would not have been able to reach this stage [the ability to properly package and seal clinical batches of product] without help from the HPT team,” Kirti says. “They will be working on an additional die for another product, and we look forward to that partnership.”

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