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HPT Seals the Deal for a Clinical Packager


HPT Pharma (“HPT”) is a Warrington, Pennsylvania-based provider of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.  For more than 15 years, pharmaceutical producers around the world have turned to HPT and its experience in the areas of blister machine tooling and blister packaging equipment.  The company creates cost-effective pharmaceutical packaging options that bring together advanced design tools, industry knowledge, and proven design methodologies to meet the most demanding specifications.

The Challenge:

A New Jersey-based prospect came to HPT for help building tooling for a form-fill-seal machine.

The sealing die presented a particular challenge, as the product required multiple sealing surfaces. In this case, there would be a circular seal in the middle, with two additional seals extending outward in concentric circles. The prospect realized this would require a unique tooling manufacturing method to suit the seal design. Specifically, with three concentric sealing faces, the die itself would need varying heights for the center of each circle.

To make matters more challenging, the client had purchased a large quantity of preprinted material and was struggling with registration. With alignment issues between the material and the tooling, there was concern that the registration problem would continue until the material supply ran out and created an expensive repurchase scenario.

The company had struggled for more than a year with the sealing die issue, including a false start with one of HPT’s competitors. Finally, an industry colleague recommended they contact HPT.

The Solution:

Satisfactory registration on this project demanded a precision that required atypical solutions. The process began by modifying the client’s machine to compensate for a truncated filling area. In addition to the modification, HPT designed a tool specifically intended to improve registration. The client’s material had to be aligned differently than it was designed, and the solution required tools that could account for that difference.

In the end, HPT delivered the modified tooling within four weeks, and the issue was resolved.

The Benefits:

According to the client, HPT’s direct experience with one of the product manufacturers gave them in-depth awareness of the machine and enabled them to build the sealing die, install it, and manufacture the package.

What’s more, the HPT solution reduced the amount of waste coming out of the packaging process, creating a more sustainable packaging program.

“HPT will be working on an additional die for another product, and I look forward to that partnership,” reported the satisfied client.

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