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HPT Dispenses Innovation for New Wave Liquid Fill Blister


HPT Pharma (“HPT”) is a Warrington, Pennsylvania-based provider of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. For more than 15 years, pharmaceutical producers around the world have turned to HPT and its experience in the areas of blister machine tooling and blister packaging equipment. The company creates cost-effective pharmaceutical packaging options that bring together advanced design tools, industry knowledge, and proven design methodologies to meet the most demanding specifications.

The Challenge:

A prospect came to HPT seeking a content expert to serve as their advocate and aid in the resolution of a unique packaging challenge.

The company had invested a significant amount of money in new equipment, expert consultants, and product development. While it was understood that their project specs were rather innovative, they were confident they had a workable solution. They had even identified a supplier to provide the packages for this project, but the product simply did not work.

Excess heat was needed to create a good seal, but it seemed that it was also weakening the material. Unfortunately, neither he nor the other suppliers involved could say whether the root cause was a matter of equipment, tooling, materials, or another factor.

In fact, the various suppliers involved in the effort spent more time pointing fingers at each other than advancing a solution. The client turned to HPT as a technical resource to assess the overall situation and recommend a remedy. HPT performed a complete assessment of the equipment, tooling, and material.

Without any prior involvement to influence their judgment, HPT was able to provide objective, solution-focused assistance.

The Solution:

It was clear from HPT’s initial testing that the cavity design and tooling would not yield consistent results as designed. HPT made material recommendations, and developed a new cavity design and form tool that incorporated the film shrink characteristics. The combination of these changes dramatically improved the package integrity and functionality, resulting in acceptable package.

The question that remained was whether to modify the tooling or rebuild it. Both alternatives had their benefits, but there were cost considerations as well. The client placed the decision—to rebuild or refurbish—in the hands of HPT’s technical experts. Being sensitive to the client’s financial concerns, HPT developed a pragmatic solution that met both the engineering and economic issues at hand.

Specifically, HPT led the effort to rework the tool to maximize efficiency and to limit adhesive degradation.

The Benefits:

After a complete tooling rework—completed on time and within budget—HPT returned the tool to the client. New package testing is ongoing, and all trials completed thus far indicate that the efficiency is on target and will meet the client’s goals.

One immediate benefit, though, is the newfound respect that has developed between the client and HPT.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the client as they develop additional products that push the packaging envelope.

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