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HPT Pharma (“HPT”) is a Warrington, Pennsylvania-based provider of packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. For more than 16 years, pharmaceutical producers around the world have turned to HPT and their experience in the areas of blister machine tooling and blister packaging equipment. The company creates cost-effective pharmaceutical packaging options that bring together advanced design tools, industry knowledge, and proven design methodologies to meet the most demanding specifications.

The Challenge:

A major pharmaceutical manufacturer approached an existing HPT contract packaging client to engage them for bottling and capping of a new product. Because the manufacturer was a significant customer that had been dormant for some time, the contract packager was especially eager to win their business. The container sizes, though, exceeded the constraints for their existing equipment, and the project did not warrant the purchase of new, dedicated equipment.

Initially, the contract packager approached the bottling and capping equipment’s OEM, who gave them a quote for the necessary modification. Based on this price, the packager offered their own quote to the pharmaceutical manufacturer and won the job.

Only afterward did the OEM call to say their engineering team had offered the quotation in error; they had overlooked a critical part of the design, they did not see a clear path forward for the modification, and they were not able to allocate resources to the task. In fact, they recommended the purchase of an entirely new system as the simplest way to meet the requirements.

This option was out of the question for the packager—it would have meant not only considerable expense and delay associated with a purchase, but also the time and money required to “revalidate” the packaging line.

The Solution:

The packager reached out to HPT.

“We had little experience with cappers and bottlers, and we knew nothing about this particular equipment,” says HPT President JM Hasson. “But we knew this opportunity was important to our client, and we resolved to help them find a solution.”

Within 48 hours, two HPT engineers were on the ground at the packager’s facility to evaluate the equipment and begin formulating ideas for a workaround.

“We went to HPT because they’re true experts when it comes to creating workable solutions, and they didn’t disappoint,” says the packager’s engineering manager. “Their engineers looked at the problem, came up with a novel approach that let us meet the end user’s requirements, and presented the solution in a way that we could understand.”

The Benefits:

“HPT had it sorted out in less than three weeks, and their price was 20% less than what the OEM quoted us originally—and that was before they essentially declined to help us at all.” the engineering manager says. “We added this business to our portfolio and resurrected a major customer. I’m not positive that would have happened had we been forced to go back to them after the call from the OEM. In the end I believe it actually enhanced our relationship with this customer.”

“We were thrilled with the outcome,” Says Hasson. “Any time we can help a client overcome an especially difficult obstacle, that’s an opportunity we take seriously. I couldn’t be more proud of our team for making this happen.”

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